The Dragon Boat Festival

2019-06-06 22:26:01

The Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival) is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.


Legends about Dragon Boat Festival.There are many different legends about the festival, but the most famous one is about Qu Yuan,a patriotic poet in ancient China.


Eating Zongzi. Zongzi is a kind of food made with sticky rice and is wrapped withreed or bamboo leaves. It has different shapes and fillings. In the northern part of China, people use red jujube as fillings. In the southern part of China, people use beans, fresh meat, or egg yolk as fillings.


Follow the tradition, Sea Star buy many gift boxes that mixed with different flavor Zongzi and salted duck eggs to celibrate this festival with staffs. Every one is happy!